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Immersive Learning

Lookyloopz VR for schools

Immersive learning is now reality

Lookyloopz has a collection of Virtual Reality learning modules which enable students to explore and learn. Immersive Learning through VR provides a whole new perspective towards learning. Students can now learn subject topics through activity based experiences.

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Digital Learning


Bringing interactive digital learning to schools

SlateView is an Interactive 3D and Video Content delivery Solution powered by LookyLoopz for students. SlateView Solution helps the content providers to publish their Interactive 3D /video content across the platform, and the registered users can avail the contents.

Safety Training

SafeRig VR

Use the power of virtual reality in Safety Training

An industrial standard Virtual Reality training Application which delivers high quality Safty related interactive simulations of various safety realted activities and procedures inside an oil rig. Training plans, personalized progress tracking and analytics are the major pillers.

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Data Visualization


Explore insights from powerful interactive data visializations

Advanced anomaly analyzing and visualizing platfom which is the core anomaly analytic system of India's best Exam system L'Exam.

Health Care

MedEx 3D

Interactive procedure simulations for medical professionals.

Intercative 3D visualzation application which caters high quality 3D simulations of complex medical conditions an procedures.

Industrial Visualization

DigData Manager

View the data beyond any visualizations

An Augmented Reality platform which is capable of Visualizing pre-real time-post data of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and mining process. Application have the capabilities of visualizing directional drill data in 2D,3D and AR.