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Benefits of Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning through VR provides a whole new perspective towards learning. Students can now learn subject topics through activity based experiences


Eco system with creative opportunities to listen, read, understand and perform activity based learning.


Can set this up for their kids at home and do an evaluation themselves, to see how their children are faring.


Can give personalized attention to students by providing specific exercise for each student and makes it easier to teach complex topics.


Helps the school to be positioned for the Digital revolution, which increasingly is becoming part of the 360 degree development of students.

Lookyloopz Dashboard

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Frequently Ask Questions

We understand that you will be skeptical about this Technology. Hope some of these FAQs would help you. If you have any more queries, Feel free to contact us!.

What is Lookyloopz VR?

LookyLoopz VR is an Immersive learning platform which enables teachers to teach subjects in-depth to the next generation of students by engaging them within the subject topics by getting them to learn by getting involved within the topic through VR.

Why choose Immersive Learning over Traditional methods?

Lookyloopz is only equipping the traditional learning system and enabling the students to learn through experiences.

What devices do you offer?

Lookyloopz currently works with Google Daydream VR Headsets and will be available in newer high-end Standalone VR Devices, which are yet to be launched.

Are they bad for the students' eyes?

Definitiely Not ! We make sure we use the best in class equipment and design the application in such a way that the students do not feel uncomfortable and each module is designed for less than 15 minutes of use which makes it non threatening to the eyes.